Trip of Wonders Lifestyle Indulgence in Jakarta

Trip of Wonders Lifestyle Indulgence in Jakarta.

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta certainly has its own distinction that makes many global tourists eager to explore the depth of the city. Luckily, this year’s Trip of Wonders will santai the privilege of roaming and experiencing The Big Durian. As their trip has brought many unforgettable pleasures, we are going to let you take a look at a glimpse of their adventure and more ideas to explore around in this city. Are you ready to start?

Feel like you’re traveling back in time in Jakarta’s very own Kota Tua. The home to rows of colonial buildings and other historical structures, Kota Tua is a populer tourist attraction for all. Complimenting that is an open space tempat right in the heart of these buildings called the Fatahillah Square. Mostly on weekends, this square is filled with people from all ages relaxing or carrying on with their leisure activities like cycling or just strolling around and enjoying the view. A town with historical buildings surely do have their own history, of course, that is why another best recommendation on what to do in Kota Tua is to visit the three museums that are in the area: The Jakarta History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, and the Puppet Museum. It will definitely be a special trip for history Slot777 Gacor buffs and those who would want to learn more about Indonesia’s history. Our curious Trip of Wonders explorers had the chance to visit this historical site on their very first day and they were thrilled!

One of the most relaxing things you can do in Jakarta is visiting some of the parks located in the heart of the city. There are around 1,000 parks amidst the tall skyscrapers of this city and they are easy to access. You will have the chance to meet the friendly Jakartans strolling around with their family and friends, especially in the afternoon or on weekends. In most parks, food vendors can only remain outside the fences of the park but there are several people who elevate food containers around selling all kinds of yummy snacks. This would complete your plan for a picnic in the parks. A great short escape where you can just stroll around casually, enjoying the laid-back side of the busy Jakarta.

So where can you really feel the city vibe in Jakarta? Right here in the Hotel Indonesia (HI) Roundabout or more commonly known as the “Bundaran HI” by locals. In the middle of the roundabout is a huge fountain with calm clear waters, contrasting its background of heavy traffic and tall skyscrapers of hotels and offices. You can see Patung Selamat Datang right in the middle of the fountain pool, a monument with two expressive bronze statues, built to welcome the honorable Asian Games IV contingents in 1962. Nowadays, this spot is usually packed with people who want to immerse themselves into the real city life and night lights of Jakarta.

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